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Become a Skilled Worker Sponsor and Grow Your Business’s Language Skills

Are you struggling to find talented bilingual speakers to fill specialist roles in your business? Then perhaps you should consider becoming a Skilled Worker Sponsor, which will allow you to hire skilled workers from the EU and outside the European Economic Area (EEA). 

As long as the candidate you want to hire meets certain criteria and the position features on the government’s eligible occupations list, this could be a very effective way to find the talented candidates you need.

What is a Skilled Worker Sponsor? 

With freedom of movement between the UK and the EU now a thing of the past, becoming a Skilled Worker Sponsor allows you to access talent pools outside of the UK so you can continue to grow your business. The Skilled Worker Visa has become the main visa route into the UK for non-British nationals. However, foreign workers cannot apply for a Skilled Worker Visa until they have had a job offer from a UK company that wants to hire them and is prepared to become a Skilled Worker Sponsor. 

What are the eligibility requirements to become a Skilled Worker Sponsor?

Becoming a Skilled Worker Sponsor might sound like a big deal, but it’s actually a solution that’s appropriate for all sorts of businesses of just about any size. As long as the business is operational and you have a genuine need for an employee, then you’re free to apply to become a sponsor. 

When assessing your application, UK Visas and Immigration will want to see evidence that a genuine vacancy exists and that people with the necessary skills are not available locally. They’ll also want to see some evidence that you have suitable HR processes in place.  

What do you need to become a Skilled Worker Sponsor?

The good news, if you’re thinking of taking this route, is that the whole process is quite straightforward. You will have to submit an application along with certain documents that show that you operate a genuine business that’s currently trading. This includes:

  • a bank statement;
  • evidence of the business’s premises;
  • a VAT certificate; and
  • evidence of employer’s liability insurance.

You’ll also be required to answer a few straightforward questions, such as: 

  • What sector do you operate in?
  • What vacancies do you plan to fill with foreign workers?
  • What will their duties be?
  • What is the minimum salary you will pay for the role?
  • Where does the job sit in your business’s hierarchy?
  • What qualifications, skills and experience are required for the role? 

Once you have applied to become a Skilled Worker Sponsor, it will typically take between three and eight weeks for UK Visas and Immigration to make a decision. 

The benefits of becoming a Skilled Worker Sponsor

Hiring workers with foreign language skills is becoming increasingly difficult as demand rises and the number of quality candidates falls. By becoming a Skilled Worker Sponsor, you can hire as many EU and non-EEA workers as you need, as long as the role you want to fill appears on the eligible occupations list. Meeting the criteria is relatively simple and the process is open to even the smallest businesses., which makes it a very effective way to access larger talent pools and bring in-demand language skills into your business. 

Hire skilled bilingual workers here in the UK

Here at Linguistica Recruitment, we can help you hire talented bilingual speakers who are already here in the UK. Find out more about the process for our clients and email info@linguistica-recruitment.com or call 02392 987 765 today.