January Dip Hits Language Sector Recruitment Activity

The latest data from the Slator Language Industry Job Index shows that language sector recruitment activity has fallen slightly in January 2021, as the industry undergoes its usual seasonal dip. The figures are consistent with previous years’ trends, and despite the ongoing global pandemic, this year represented the smallest annual contraction since the index was launched in 2018.

The index, which collates data from a range of sources including LinkedIn, job aggregation sites and direct company data, fell to 108.45 in January 2021, from 109.38 in December 2020. However, despite the slight dip, January was still up on November’s figure of 105.43, showing that the language industry is continuing to rebound despite the ongoing restrictions. That’s good news for candidates who are searching for new roles in the sector. 

Levels of hiring and demand are largely stable

The Language Industry Job Index was designed to track employment and hiring trends in the global language industry. As the index was launched in 2018, the baseline figure is taken from July of that year, and this is the point from which all language sector recruitment activity is measured.

October 2020 was a milestone month for the industry, as that is the first time that levels of language sector recruitment activity rebounded above the baseline since the first Coronavirus lockdown in March 2020. Now, the index stands at around the same level as March 2019, which shows that a recovery is well underway.  

The contraction in January is the result of a seasonal dip that occurs every year. In 2021, there was a small decrease in the number of language job advertisements found on some of the platforms monitored by the index. Other platforms showed a slight increase in the number of job ads, but that was not enough to offset the decline. 

Job hunting in a pandemic

Language industry professionals such as translators have been largely protected from the fallout of the pandemic as they have been able to continue most of their operations remotely. However, interpreters – many of whom work with their clients in person – have not been so lucky, as the severe restrictions and the impact of successive lockdowns have taken their toll.  

If you find yourself in the position of searching for a job during the lockdown, there are some strategies that can help you succeed.

  • Recruitment agencies and many firms are now conducting telephone interviews and using video conferencing software, so download popular platforms such as Zoom and Skype and know how to use them.
  • Be prepared to diversify your search. Although most industries have contracted during the pandemic, other opportunities may be available. For example, if you cannot find a role in translation right now, companies may be more inclined to hire someone for a communications position during the crisis.
  • Networking online and getting in touch with previous colleagues and contacts can help you unearth roles that might not be advertised. Joining professional groups on LinkedIn is a good place to start. 

Find your next language job today

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