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Remote Bilingual Jobs are on the Rise

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a spike in the number of remote job listings for translators, interpreters, market researchers, interviewers and other roles that require bilingual skills. That’s probably not surprising given that the pandemic has transformed the working landscape for so many, taking them away from offices and shared workspaces and back into their homes. 

Remote bilingual jobs increase by a third

According to the latest data from one of the world’s biggest marketplaces for flexible jobs, there has been a 30 percent year-on-year increase in the number of remote bilingual vacancies, with almost a third more listings now than there were at the same time last year. 

With more than 1,700 jobs currently listed, bilingual jobs are now the eighth biggest category of remote jobs, up from eighteenth just two months ago.  

What type of remote bilingual jobs are available?

As the economy has rebounded after the initial Covid shock, organisations are on the lookout for workers who can help them capitalise on overseas opportunities in an increasingly globalised world. This has coincided with the dawn of the streaming era, accelerated by the various lockdowns and restrictions, which has made it easier for businesses to communicate seamlessly with people from all corners of the globe. 

To fill this growing need, businesses, charities and public sector organisations are advertising for all forms of remote bilingual jobs, with contract, freelance, part-time and full-time roles available in industries such as communications, education, finance and marketing.  

A quick scan of the remote bilingual jobs that are currently available reveals vacancies for communications managers, customer service specialists, creative writers, healthcare recruiters, software developers, executive assistants, proofreaders and editors, digital marketing analysts and more.

How much can bilingual workers expect to earn?  

According to Salary.com, bilingual workers can expect to earn between 5 percent and 20 percent more per hour than those at the same professional level who only speak one language. However, you could stand to earn even more than your monolingual counterparts if you work in a sector where employees with professional experience and the necessary languages are particularly difficult to come by.  

Apply for remote bilingual jobs today

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