Th e jobs market is on the rocks but employers are still hiring via video call

The Coronavirus Takes its Toll on the Jobs Market – But Don’t Give Up!

The number of jobs being advertised in the UK has fallen by more than a fifth in the last six weeks as the coronavirus takes its toll. Perhaps not surprisingly, the hospitality industry has been the biggest casualty to date, with nearly 40% of its advertised vacancies removed due to the forced closures across the board. 

According to a study by one of the UK’s leading job sites, the hospitality industry has certainly not been the only one to suffer. Advertised roles in the charity sector have fallen by 19%, sales jobs vacancies have dropped by 15%, and there are 14% fewer customer service roles available than there were six weeks ago. 

Other areas that have seen a fall in vacancy numbers include:

  • Travel – 14%
  • Graduate roles – 13%
  • Manufacturing – 12%
  • Retail – 11%
  • Creative & design – 11%
  • Administration – 10%
  • Maintenance – 10%
  • Engineering – 9%   

Areas where hiring is increasing

Although the number of total vacancies has fallen dramatically over the last six weeks, there are areas where hiring is increasing.

  • Online delivery and logistics – With people no longer allowed to eat out, there has been a dramatic increase in takeaway orders, with firms such as Deliveroo and Uber Eats now hiring to meet demand. There has also been an increase in online shopping, leading to strong hiring in driving, warehouse and logistics roles.
  • Supermarkets and pharmacies – Another sector that has seen an increase in demand, both in-store and online, are supermarkets and pharmacies. There are lots of current vacancies advertised by Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Boots, Asda and the Co-op.
  • Online retail – Amazon is on a huge recruitment drive as it tries to keep up with the surge in demand it’s currently experiencing. This is likely to be true of a number of other online retailers, although that will vary by industry.
  • The NHS – Given the unprecedented scale of the current crisis, the NHS are trying to fill a large number of 111 call handler roles. We also expect to see an acceleration in hiring across other areas as the healthcare sector does what it can to respond. 

What should job seekers do?

Given the dramatic reduction in vacancies, you might be tempted to put your job search on hold during the coronavirus crisis, but we think that’s a mistake. Most recruiters are saying that it’s business as usual despite the outbreak, and as other people may choose to postpone their job search, it’ll reduce the competition for you. 

The one change you are likely to find is that many more interviews will be conducted over the telephone or by video call rather than in person, so it is worth making sure you’re prepared.   

To prepare for a video call job interview, you should:

  • test your software and hardware first to avoid difficulties;
  • position yourself in a well-lit space with a bland background;
  • look at the camera, not the screen;
  • dress to impress;
  • don’t be afraid to use your notes; and
  • make sure all other tabs or programmes on your computer are closed

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