Should you Hire In-House or use a Bilingual Recruitment Agency?

Okay, cards on the table here – we’re a bilingual recruitment agency. You probably know that already because the name ‘Linguistica Recruitment’ kind of gives the game away. So you might think we’re about to bestow the virtues of just how valuable the services of a dedicated bilingual recruiter can be. And actually, you’d be right.

But if you can just give us three minutes of your time, we’re going to explain why our experience as a leading bilingual recruiter for companies like Santander, Orange and Manchester United, makes us the perfect choice to help you. Not only will we reduce your costs of recruitment, but we will also find the perfect bilingual speaker for the job, while freeing up a whole chunk of your time.

Not all recruitment agencies are equal

When you need an employee with a specific skill set, it makes sense to go to a recruitment agency that specialises in finding individuals in that particular sector. Talented and experienced bilingual workers are hard to come by in the UK, and in truth, demand currently far outstrips supply, with employers struggling to fill 17 percent of their vacancies due to a lack of foreign language skills.

At Linguistica Recruitment, we have a bank of bilingual candidates with experience in a wide range of sectors, from administrative, logistics and marketing, to finance, legal and more technical fields. We also headhunt for particular roles, using our knowledge of the specialist job boards bilingual speakers with each language most commonly use. This includes in-demand languages like Mandarin, Arabic and European languages, as well as some of the more obscure languages you may need.

What exactly does bilingual mean?

To be sure of a candidate’s language skills, you need more than a written statement of their ability. There are different levels of bilingualism, and before you make a hiring decision you need to know exactly what level of language you need, and the level of language proficiency a candidate has.

There are three levels of bilingual proficiency:

  • Professional working proficiency – Can discuss a variety of topics with ease and almost completely understand what others are saying
  • Full professional proficiency – Can participate in all conversations with ease and only rarely makes grammatical mistakes
  • Native or bilingual proficiency – Can use the language in the same way as an educated native speaker of the language

We discuss your linguistic requirements with you in detail before scouring our existing database of experienced linguists and actively recruiting for the specific role in question. We also test all our candidates extensively to make sure their written and spoken language skills meet the required standard in English and their second language.

But there’s more to finding the right bilingual candidate than simply being able to say the right words. If you’re looking for a candidate who can live and work abroad, you need someone with knowledge of the lifestyle, customs and culture of the country if they’re to work effectively, which is exactly where we can help.

Reducing costs, speeding up the hiring process and freeing up your time

Hiring a new employee always comes with costs. There are the costs of advertising the vacancy, as well as those involved in screening and interviewing the candidates. Research has found that the average up-front cost of recruitment, assuming a £40,000 annual salary, is £4,800.

But the real difference in the cost of recruit in-house recruitment and using the services of a bilingual recruitment agency can be seen when we factor in the hidden costs of lost productivity. In-house recruitment has an average productivity loss of 13 weeks, which assuming productivity levels of 3 x salary, equates to £33,191. Agencies work more quickly, taking just eight weeks on average to hire a new worker, costing just £18,461 in lost productivity.

There’s also the quality of candidate to consider. By acting as gatekeepers and only forwarding on the candidates that meet your requirements, both in terms of their professional and linguistic skills, the risk of an unsuccessful hire is significantly reduced.

Looking for a talented bilingual employee?

Then get in touch with Linguistica Recruitment to discuss your requirements. We find exceptional bilingual candidates for administrative, marketing, human resources, legal and financial roles across the English south coast. Please call 02392 987 765 or email: today.